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Does General Scrap Material Co. cash checks for purchased material?

No, by law we are unable to cash checks. However, most Regions banks will cash these checks at no cost to the customer.

What is the state law pertaining to daily cash amounts? 

According to state law, a scrap yard is only legally allowed to give $300 in cash a day. A transaction(s) exceeding $300 will result in the customer being paid the remaining balance in the form of a check issued at the time of the sale.

What items are considered copper or copper containing?

Copper tubing All copper wire (Insulated or coated) Bare Aluminum-Copper Air Conditioning Coils Copper radiators

Are there any exemptions to this law?

Yes, business to business transactions are exempt from this law. If you are a business owner, please stop by the main office to complete the necessary paperwork.

What is the state law pertaining to copper or copper containing items?

In August 2012, the State of Louisiana enacted a law requiring scrap yards to hold all payment for copper or copper containing items for five (5) business days at which time the payment is issued by check. The check can either be picked up at the cashier’s window during regular business hours or mailed to … Continue reading "What is the state law pertaining to copper or copper containing items?"

Does a customer need an ID to sell aluminum cans only?

No, state law does not require scrap yards to obtain ID’s for aluminum can only transactions.

What does a customer need to sell scrap?

Customers will need to be in possession of a state issued identification card, driver’s license or passport w/ U.S. postal address. Customer has to be in a vehicle with valid license plate.

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